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Our History

The history of Dolphin Printing is a long and proud one. From humble beginnings in 2001in Northern Blvd. our company has been pioneering in the area of Queens, New York, our credentials in print are unrivalled in the area. In fact, we have became one of the largest made, owned and operated print and design business in the city.

The digital revolution saw a move towards online solutions. And so, in 2007 we began offering products and services designed not only to stimulate regular print but also to widen our portfolio to include banners, flags, stickers and lately websites and electronic marketing solutions.


The Beginnings

At the turn of the century John Uribe and his family migrated from Colombia and established in Queens New York starting his printing business with a simple offset machine not knwing tha it was the beginning of a long and successful career and a defining moment that marks the origin of Dolphin Printing as we know it today.

John was short in stature and physical composition but full of drive and commitment in everything he did. He aspired to build his business to provide for his family of 3 and as a result went into substantial debt to build his printing factory in Elmhurs. Survival was hazardous at some times with financial crisis but John kept seeking to increase industry standards and serving great clients in New York and even in other parts of the United States.

John is a man of firm ideals. His commitment to his company and his staff is well known by satisfied customers.

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John Uribe


John, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dolphin Printing, he is compromised with high quality standards, an entrepreneur with a great focus to make your business succeed in every project that Dolphin Printing gets involved. Read more...

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Fabio Cruz


One of the most creative in the printing business, Fabio is our logo and brand designer with a personalized touch for every customer which makes him unique to serve the specific needs of special projects and campaigns. Read more...


About Us

A high quality printing company based in Corona, New York.


102-16 Northern Blvd. Corona, NY 11368

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